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Blairmore Pier

About Blairmore Pier

Since 1855, Blairmore Pier was widely used during its heyday not only for visitors coming to the area but for trade. However, as the years went by the cost of maintaining the pier began to mount and with the decrease in marine vessels berthing at the pier, eventually the pier ceased to be regularly used after 1973. The Waverley did make one last call at the Blairmore Pier in 1997 after which time the deteriorating condition of the pier prevented any more calls by large ships.

For a number of years the Pier lay unused until it was bought by Agnes Harvey who established Blairmore Heritage Ltd in 2004. Subsequently the Friends of Blairmore Pier Trust was created. The Trust accessed grants which allowed for the restoration of the Pier. The Friends of Blairmore Pier Trust is a “not-for-profit” organisation generating income from berthing fees, merchandise and organised events and the Pier is now leased to the Trust for community use

The pier’s prime function is to provide marine transport links and, at the present time, provides the only access point from the sea to the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

The Trust has also set up a small heritage cabin on the head of the pier which was opened on the pier’s 150th anniversary in 2005. The heritage cabin is open to all and allows the opportunity to view the exhibits depicting the history of the pier.

The Friends of Blairmore Pier Trust have also produced a range of merchandise to promote the pier, ranging from posters, pens, postcards and booklets telling the history of the pier. These can be purchased locally at Essentials Store.


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